Jeanne d’ arc

Romantic Restaurant in San Francisco

Since 1966, our romantic restaurant in San Francisco has been the epitome of French gastronomy in the Bay Area.
Come for an authentic French culinary journey.


Passion and excellence have always been the hallmarks of Jeanne d’Arc since Claude and Micheline Lambert opened the restaurant in the basement of Cornell Hotel de France almost 50 years ago. Today, as we usher into a new era for Jeanne d’Arc, we stay true to our core. We combine passion and excellence with innovation to create moments of pure gastronomic bliss. Renowned for our dedication to authenticity, each bite transports you from this eclectic French restaurant in Union Square to the charming streets of France — truly capturing the essence of traditional French cuisine. 

Jeanne d’Arc is our homage to French gastronomy. Bienvenue!

Executive Chef Bernard Moutal

With over 50 years in the culinary world, Chef Bernard Moutal is the cornerstone of Jeanne D’Arc’s exquisite French cuisine. Starting his career at 14 in Bordeaux, Chef Moutal refined his skills at prestigious venues, including New York’s Pavillion and his own San Francisco gem, La Boucane. His tenure at Sonoma Mission Inn further established his reputation for fine California cuisine. In 2000, he became the head chef at Jeanne D’Arc, transforming it into a pinnacle of French dining in San Francisco. After a stint as Corporate Executive Chef at the Metropolitan Club, we’re excited to welcome him back to Jeanne D’Arc, where his passion for regional French specialties and dedication to local ingredients continue to enchant diners.

Join us at Jeanne D’Arc to experience Chef Moutal’s culinary expertise, now returning to our kitchen. Savor his new menu creations, a fusion of refined and hearty flavors, in an atmosphere of Old World elegance and warmth. Chef Moutal’s commitment to authentic French cuisine and quality ingredients ensures a dining experience that is both sophisticated and delightfully welcoming.